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Therapies at Home With IBest Home Care in Pakistan

People of all ages can get help from IBest Home Care to stay safe, independent, and involved in living full lives. It includes medical treatment; our highly qualified and certified at-home nurses assist with everyday living activities.

     Routine activities that people do every day without the need for help. People's daily routines include eating, cleaning, getting  dressed, going to the bathroom, walking, etc. We currently offer all our therapies at home care services in Pakistan's big cities.

Why Home-Based Therapy?

Many people with physical or mental illnesses can benefit from treatments they can do with the help of a nurse at home. When they require help with everyday tasks and interacting with family, friends, and people they don’t know. Patients find the treatment convenient due to its home-based nature and the flexibility to receive it individually or as part of a family program. Additionally, it might lower costs if the client needs extra services to help them.

One other advantage of home therapy services is that it allows people to live independently with their families. Additionally, care at home may help with symptoms that change over time and would be missed if the person had to go to the clinic or hospital every time they were sick.

Types of Home-based Therapy Services?

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Physical Therapy

Occupational therapy

Being an occupational therapist means helping disabled people live in their own homes. Occupational therapists look at people who are hurt, sick, or disabled and support them. Through our regular sessions and home visits, occupational therapists provide ongoing assistance and Cheer.

Our therapists help clients reach their goals of becoming a better life, recovering faster, and keeping up the skills they need to live and work.

Our Functional therapist aims to promote self-dependence, Improve the quality of life, and enable individuals to participate fully in their communities.

Speech Therapy

IBest Home Care can come to your home for speech treatment for your child or elderly patient, making them feel better. Therapy for Speech or language is another name for this. Words therapists help kids and adults who have had strokes, traumatic brain injuries, or problems with their words get better. 

Speech treatment at home is Primarily about improving talking, eating, abilities, or brain function. Therapy happens in your comfy space, making learning  and getting better easier. Our goal is to help each person feel more confident and able to talk and understand better.

Physical Therapy

IBest Home Care offers professional in-home physical therapy for seniors and kids, involving a variety of physical exercises and daily live activities designed to improve mobility, relieve pain, and boost your overall bodily function.

Our home physical therapist helps those patients who recover from surgery, critical injury, or taking care of a long-term illness; patients benefit from customized health treatment plans that address their specific needs. On this basis, you select our best home physical therapist.

  • Convenience and comfort
  • No need travel
  • Mind Relax Environment
  • Quality Care
  • Security and privacy
  • Cost Effective
  • Reduce Stress
  • Customized care
  • Fast Recovery
  • Individualized Health Plans
  • Engagement of the family

Availing services at IBest Home Care is very easy.

  • Just use our website, email address, or the phone number we give you to contact us.
  • Our team set up a meeting to find out what you need.
  • Later, we’ll make a custom healthcare plan for you and give you a list of qualified doctors from which to choose.
  • The doctor will start working with you once you’ve chosen one. We will continuously go over your plan while you are with us.

We aim to provide you with the best home therapy services. Contact IBest Home Care today to begin your journey to better medical health.