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  • Eldercare regarding physical therapy

    Eldercare regarding physical therapy

    Physical therapy is meant to assist people in maintaining or restoring their physical health. It can be used to improve muscle strength, range of motion, and pain relief. After being discharged from the hospital, elderly people who have had an accident, stroke, or surgery may get physical therapy rehabilitation or get help from an elder…

  • Pressures on ambulance services.

    Pressures on ambulance services.

    Pressure on ICU ambulance services reflects pressure throughout the system and emphasizes Pakistan’s growing demand. We explain why the ambulance industry requires a seat at the table in national, regional, and local strategic planning and decision-making. Over the last 18 months, ICU Ambulance Service has been under tremendous strain. The epidemic put enormous strain on the…

  • In Pakistan, what are the different types of ambulances?

    In Pakistan, what are the different types of ambulances?

    We’ve all seen ambulance services in Lahore with flashing lights and sirens on city and village roads throughout PakistanĀ and we all know how crucial these vehicles are in saving the lives of patients in desperate need of medical attention. Apart from knowing local emergency ambulance numbers, one should also be familiar with the different types…