In Pakistan, what are the different types of ambulances?

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We’ve all seen ambulance services in Lahore with flashing lights and sirens on city and village roads throughout Pakistan and we all know how crucial these vehicles are in saving the lives of patients in desperate need of medical attention. Apart from knowing local emergency ambulance numbers, one should also be familiar with the different types of ambulance services in Lahore available in Pakistan and which one to call based on the situation.

Basic Life Support Ambulance:

These ambulance services in Lahore are best for patients who do not require advanced medical assistance or cardiac monitoring until they arrive at the hospital, Basic lifesaving equipment such as a blood pressure monitor, stretcher, and oxygen cylinder is included in BLS ambulances.

(ALS) Advanced Life Support:

Ambulances transport patients who require a higher degree of treatment until they reach the hospital. These emergency ambulance services have a paramedic or a doctor on board to assist the patient. These are equipped with everything a seriously ill or injured patient or a cardiac patient needs, including a cardiac monitor, incubator, IV supplies, ventilator, defibrillators, oxygen cylinders, nebulizer, resuscitation kit, and blood pressure apparatus.

Patient Transfer Ambulance:

Also known as Non-Emergency Patient Transfer or Transport, this ambulance is for patients who need constant clinical monitoring but aren’t in a life-threatening emergency or who are restricted to wheelchairs and require mobility help.

Mortuary Ambulance:

These ambulances are used to carry a deceased person by road, air, or train.

Regardless of the type of ambulance service Lahore, it is equipped with basic life-saving equipment and emergency medicines. The cost of an ambulance varies depending on the type of service you choose, ranging from a 10-kilometer route, with per-kilometer expenses ranging from 13 to 19 rupees in some situations for the transportation of patients or dead corpses.


 Ventilator Ambulance Services in Lahore is equipped with transit portable ventilators that are often routed through a life support system administered by paramedics. In Hyderabad, India, there are three types of ambulances: advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), advanced life support (ALS), and basic life support (BLS). Ambulance Squad Health Care provides ALS and BLS ambulances to Lahore residents and hospitals. Our Ventilator Ambulances are incredibly affordable and come with a technician.

Our services

The rigorous schedule leaves little time for proper health maintenance. With each passing day, we continue to regress in terms of health, which, in turn, becomes a major source of concern. We don’t understand until a medical emergency occurs. My finest home care Ambulance comes to the rescue of victims in such a terrible circumstance. We at I finest home care provide Service in Lahore work hard to get seriously ill patients to and from the hospital on time.

Enhanced remedial devices are always provided to lessen the challenges during the travel. We provide state-of-the-art ambulance vehicles in which all needed life-saving tools are placed under the supervision of professionals at Ventilator Ambulance Service in Lahore. In terms of time and service cost, we are always the better option. We understand that being confronted with a life-threatening sickness in an emergency is not a good indication, which is why we most likely strive to place ambulance trucks at the user’s location on time. During the transfer process, we have well-organized pre- and post-hospital care to give extremely ill patients. We constantly deal with well-maintained medical devices so that there are no problems with health issues during the journey.

A ground ambulance is extremely useful in the transportation process because it is the only mode of transportation that begins at the doorstep. We have a dedicated chat support team at I Best Home Care for addressing problems and monitoring users throughout bookings.

Transferring Sick People at the Right Time

Changes in lifestyle and health status occur frequently in this unpredictable environment. When one is in poor health, a safe and timely relocation service is required to go to the nearest or chosen health care center on time. We constantly give the advance relocation service to extremely ill patients at my finest home care. Throughout the voyage, we ensure the presence of trained nursing and paramedical personnel who give exceptional supervision to critically ill patients. I Best Home Care provides fast medical transportation at a reasonable cost. We always consider the patients’ needs so that they are not frustrated during the evacuation process. We provide the safest medical transportation service at a reasonable cost

 We have always been to patients’ homes on time so that they do not become unstable as a result of delays. Our medical team does not discriminate against people based on their caste, color, or community, and provides emergency care to all. We create a network of road ambulance services in Lahore available from rural to metropolitan locations. To keep the medical transfer service up to date, we always offer the latest technology cars with lifesaving equipment installed by skilled experts.

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