The second outbreak of COVID-19 in Pakistan reached its peak if COVID-19 is spreading in your community again they’re very high-risk points. The second attack of covid_19 is also very dangerous. The doctor said chances are more of deaths than the previous one because it is a virus that is more effective in colds environments. It happens to young children and those people that are already sick. So, we should have to take a lot of precautions to avoid covid_19. In its most difficult form, it also can cause SARS, renal failure, pneumonia, and even death. Coronavirus asks for an outsized family of viruses consistent with the biological classification systems. This family is responsible for several known diseases in people just like shortness of breathing. Be safe by taking some simple precautions, like cleaning, and coughing into a bent elbow or tissue. Inspect local advice where you reside and work.

Coronavirus Symptoms

Well, it is a respiratory disease and appears like coughing, fever, headache, and shortness of breath.

  •  The common symptoms of this virus infection are fever, cough, and symptoms associated with the systema respiratorium like difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath
  • It spreads like other respiratory illnesses like sneezing or coughing on people.
  • It can even stay on hard surfaces for an extended time.
  • It’s not an overtime disease. Sometimes, it’s going to show mild symptoms and sometimes no symptoms in the least.

For some, it’s going to be sort of a very very bad cold and in severe cases, it’s going to cause pneumonia. Some people could also be hospitalized and placed on respirators.

Keep Social distancing

The real mean of social distancing is to stay at your own home and away to meet up with your friend. Do your work online. Avoid touching anything in a public place. As mentioned by the WHO, there’s no vaccine and medicine available for the disease. So, infected humans are to tend treatment and supportive look after symptoms. Adopt some precautions like

Obligations and responsibilities of civilian during Covid_19 pandemic

  • Follow advisories issued by govt.
  • Wear a mask if you’ve got symptoms and stay in isolation to avoid contact.
  • Make assured it covers both your nose, mouth, and jaw.
  • Wear a cloth mask except you’re during a special risk group.
  • Clean your hands before applying your mask, also as before and after you’re taking it off
  • Don’t travel during a lockdown or pack up.
  • Avoid gathering and meetings. Start performing from home.
  • If you’ve got traveled from abroad or from another state, keep yourself in isolation.
  • If you’re going outside for essential needs, wear a mask, and maintain a distance of 1 meter (3 feet) from people.This is especially important once you cannot physically stand back, especially in crowded and poorly ventilated indoor settings.Don’t spread rumors regarding the spread like statistics, drugs, patients, etc.
  • Don’t buy sanitizers and other hand washes liquids in bulk. Buy the proper amount required for your family.


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